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Since 2013, Tiffany J. Photography has been creating emotion-evoking imagery for adoring clients throughout Southern California and beyond. A natural light, fine art photographer, she’s been featured in publications such as People Magazine, 100 Layer Cake, Wedding Chicks and more. 

About Tiffany

From the delicate details, to the fleeting moments, to the candid expressions, my number one priority as your wedding photographer is to create imagery that takes you right back to how you felt in that exact moment.

Through intentional composition, I strive to zero in on the moments you likely didn’t even notice. Memories are so much more than details … they’re feelings. With every click of my shutter, I want to bring your vision to life while allowing you to be deeply present.

Light, texture + movement inspire me. 

From the sun catching a bride’s veil and creating the most ethereal halo, to the palpable excitement as she floats down the aisle clutching her Dad’s arm. Or the way her gown sways during her first dance with her new husband ...

There's something about movement that makes an image come to life.

For the past decade I’ve been fortunate to pursue a career that brings me meaning and purpose. As your photographer, I believe what sets me apart is the way I listen, empathize and adapt. These qualities help me understand what you’re feeling and assess what you need in that moment.

This allows me to create an environment of ease and comfortability so you can be your truest, most authentic self.

Taking nothing for granted

I am passionate about equity, inclusion and advocating for the rights of the disabled community. In 2009, my life was forever impacted when a loved one suffered a spinal cord injury. That experience fundamentally changed me and developed within me the belief that nothing in our lives should be taken for granted.

Since then, I’ve had the honor to serve on the board of directors for Triumph Foundation. My involvement in the spinal cord injury community led me to my husband, Michael. He is truly my best friend and the best teammate I could ever ask for. I feel so grateful to have a partner who approaches life with such empathy, vulnerability and perspective.

After 8 years together, 4 years engaged, 3 wedding dates and 2 COVID postponements, we were finally able to get married on March 26th, 2022! 

I can’t wait to hear your story! 

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Disability Advocacy

I can not thank Tiffany enough for her professionalism, and the                    she possesses in her camera. She truly wants                                 for those she shoots—you can feel it as she works with you.

I can not thank Tiffany enough for her professionalism, and the                     she possesses in her camera. She truly wants                                  for those she shoots—you can feel it as she works with you.

pure magic

so much happiness


Because you're the main character in this story

Here's what I know about you

You value quality over quantity. Deep conversations over meaningless small talk. Experiences over things.

You love natural light, California landscapes, and a neutral color palette. You appreciate beautiful aesthetics, authenticity, and people who put you at ease. Your friends and family mean the world to you and while this day is focused on you and your forever person, you want them to feel seen, loved, and valued.

You hope to look and feel your most beautiful (I’ve got you, you will). You’re drawn to candid, artistic images that may be still, but feel like they’re in motion.

More than anything, you’re thrilled to have found each other and to start building a life together.