Mission San Juan Capistrano Engagement | Rebecca & Aaron

March 10, 2020


The Details

Meet Rebecca & Aaron. They’re kind, fun, absolutely perfect for each other & did I mention GORGEOUS?! One of my favorite things about my job is getting to know my clients, & I figured it might be fun to let you guys get to know them too.

How did you meet?

We met 7 years ago after being introduced by a mutual friend (who’s a bridesmaid in our wedding!) Neither one of us were looking for anything serious at the time, so we dated casually at first. We had SO much fun together – going to concerts, going out dancing, and hiking around LA. After about 6 months things when things got serious & we realized we were falling in love, we made it official! We moved into an apartment together in Santa Monica the following year and have been happy ever since.

How did Aaron propose?

We got engaged this past March in Los Olivos (a cute little town in wine country near Santa Barbara). I had casually mentioned I wanted to go there so Aaron surprised me with a belated birthday trip. Aaron was playing it cool the entire time so I didn’t suspect anything. During our winery tour, Aaron suggested we go for a walk through the vineyards when the sun finally came out (it had been rainy all weekend). When no one else was around, surrounded by the grape vines, Aaron got down on one knee and proposed. We spent the rest of the day drinking LOTS of wine and celebrating together.

Tell me about your vision for your wedding day. What are you most excited about?

We want our wedding to embody everything we love about Southern California – It’s at a small family ranch in the mountains of Malibu, with ocean views, beautiful greenery, and lots of fresh air. Our wedding vibe is simple yet elegant, and our goal is to have a relaxed, beautiful night with family and friends celebrating our love. Our favorite thing to do together is dance, so we’re most excited about the music. (We’re already planning our playlist!) We both have big families and large groups of friends, so we’re looking forward to bringing all of our loved ones together for a special weekend!

The Images

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