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Brunette male and female sit on a blanket in a grassy field during their Orange County engagement photography session.


Orange County Engagement Photography

As we began discussing their engagement session, Grace + David had envisioned a wide open space, something along the lines of a wildflower field or tall green grass. However, as we all know, SoCal hasn’t gotten much rain this year, which posed a bit of a challenge for their early March session. Thankfully after much scouting + debating, we were finally able to find a location that perfectly suited their vision + provided a beautiful setting for their engagement photos.

blonde female in white dress kisses her fiance in black jeans and dark tshirt while standing on large rock embankment at the beach


Poses for Engagement Photos

Melanie and Brent love the beach, so they decided it would be the perfect setting for their engagement session. Finding a dog friendly beach was key, since their shoot wouldn’t be complete without including their fur babies Peter + Appa.

The beach can tend to photograph a bit flat, so we chose a spot with rocks and tide pools to provide more depth and dimension to their images.


About Tiffany

From the delicate details, to the fleeting moments, to the candid expressions, my number one priority as your wedding photographer is to create imagery that takes you right back to how you felt in that exact moment.

Through intentional composition, I strive to zero in on the moments you likely didn’t even notice. Memories are so much more than details … they’re feelings. With every click of my shutter, I want to bring your vision to life while allowing you to be deeply present.