How To Prepare for a Stress Free Wedding Day

October 28, 2019

Bride and groom walking with their bridal party on a lawn surrounded by olive trees.


The Scenario

You just got engaged and you can’t wait to start planning your wedding.  You have a vision of everything you want it to be, but formulating a strategy to make your dreams become reality feels daunting. So let’s talk about how to prepare for a stress free wedding day.

Where to start:

First, spend some time with your fiance discussing your priorities.  Remember, this is YOUR and YOUR FIANCE’S wedding day.  Now don’t get me wrong, this DOES NOT mean you should ignore certain recommendations.  Nor is it an excuse to become a self-centered bridezilla.  What I DO mean is that THIS day should focus on your love story.  It is so easy to get caught up in the details and lose sight of what’s most important, so choose to be strategic and intentional.

How do you want to remember your wedding day? Your answer to this question will play a huge role in your planning strategy.  Do you want an intimate, family style dinner party, or an elaborate celebration?  What do you want the experience to be like for yourselves and your guests? Stay focused on your goal because the “feel” you’re striving to achieve will set the tone and flow of the entire day.

I’m a firm believer in planning ahead so that when your wedding day arrives, you will be able to fully focus on each other rather than the minute details.

The Tips

  1. Hire a wedding designer and coordinator (for more on this topic, click here). If you hire the right one, they are truly worth their weight in gold. From styling advice to keeping you organized, from managing timelines, to assembling a cohesive vendor team, their skillsets are endless. This should be your first hire. Hiring a wedding coordinator will allow you to confidently know that everything is being taken care of while you enjoy your celebration. Want a list of my favorites? Message me here.

  2. Choose carefully when hiring vendors. Do your research. Read reviews. Ask for referrals. Review portfolios. Schedule consultations. Hire vendors who are experts in their field. Pay attention to who best understands your vision and aligns with your personality. Your vendors aren’t the hired help. They’re the people who will make your dreams a reality. We are invested in your love story and will work tirelessly to give you the most amazing experience. A word to the wise, more often than not, you get what you pay for, so think about what your priorities are and budget accordingly.

  3. Be prepared. One of the best ways you can prepare for a stress free wedding day is to plan ahead. When your photographer arrives for getting ready photos, they’ll likely start by photographing all of your details. Gather everything the night before and let your coordinator and maid of honor know where they will be. If there are any tags or stickers on items, please remember to remove them so everything is prepped and ready to be photographed.

    Your details may include:

    • Dress

    • Hanger

    • Veil

    • Shoes

    • Jewelry

    • All Rings (so that I can photograph your engagement ring, your wedding band + your fiance’s wedding band)

    • Garter

    • Bouquet (make sure your florist knows what time + where your bouquet needs to be delivered)

    • Loose blooms and greenery for flatlay styling
    • Perfume

    • Vow Books

    • Invitation Suite with Envelopes (x2 if any pieces are double sided)

    • Any other items that are important to you + personalize your wedding day

    His details may include:

    • Tie

    • Cufflinks

    • Watch

    • Boutonnière (make sure your florist knows what time + where your boutonnière’s needs to be delivered)

    • Cigar

    • Cologne

    • Shoes + socks
    • Any other items that are important to you + personalize your wedding day

  4. Preempt potential drama. Communication is key. I know it’s easy to shy away from tough conversations, but if you’re afraid a decision you’ve made may hurt an immediate family member, it’s best to address it beforehand. This gives you an opportunity to explain your decision and gives them time to process and accept it. Rather than catching them off guard when emotions are already high.

  5. Efficiently organize your family shot list. Family photos are often the most stressful part of your wedding day.  There’s always an Uncle who has already made his way to the bar, a cousin who is hitting on a bridesmaid … I think you get the point. Therefore, be selective about who you want in each photo. Give them a heads up so they know ahead of time where and when they’ll be needed. Work with your coordinator and photographer to organize the list in order to efficiently facilitate who is needed in what shot. I recommend starting with the largest group, then whittling it down from there. As soon as each person is done, they can head to cocktail hour. Finally, consider attention span and try to take any shots with children first.

  6. Finally, take a deep breath and RELAX. A few things may not go as planned, but that’s just reality. That’s also the exact reason you hired that amazing coordinator we talked about in tip #1. They will handle whatever unexpected scenarios may arise. Just think of it as your first opportunity to navigate the challenges of life as a married couple.

Remember, this is a monumental day that you will remember for the rest of your life. So be proactive and do everything you can to prepare for a stress free wedding day.

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