Lifestyle Session | Santa Clarita, CA | The Tucker Family

June 8, 2015


“Do what makes you happy, be with who makes you smile, laugh as much as you breathe, and love as long as you live.”

― Rachel Ann Nunes

Meet the Tucker Family.  Tim, Steph, Titus, Tali & Silas.  It’s families like the Tuckers that make me think about what I want my family to be like when I have kids someday.  They are kind, fun & sweet.  Their smiles & laughter are infectious.  Their love for each other is palpable & sincere.  Watching siblings interact is always intriguing to me.  Titus, Tali & Silas were so helpful & encouraging to each other.  There was no bickering, no fighting for attention, but rather a sense of working together as a team & supporting each other.  Tim & Steph have done a wonderful job of cultivating each of their personalities.  I felt such a sense of comfort, ease & fullness of life.  As if each of them were each confident in who they were & what they could contribute to the family.  This session was so enjoyable & so easy because they naturally & organically have so much fun together. 

Steph clearly has an incredible eye for interior design & style & I was so thankful to be so graciously welcomed into their home to photograph their beautiful family. 

  1. Liesl Diesel says:

    love this editorial style of portrait, great work!

  2. Liesl Diesel says:

    love this editorial style of portrait, great work!

  3. Victoria Johansson says:

    What a lovely lifestyle session!

  4. Victoria Johansson says:

    What a lovely lifestyle session!

  5. Jes Workman says:

    I absolutely adore at home sessions! They look so comfortable and happy in their own space. What beautiful images for them to cherish forever 🙂

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