Introducing “A Day in the Life” Sessions

October 31, 2017


The Inspiration

Lately I’ve been noticing how much I love photographing life as it happens.  While I love gorgeously styled & perfectly posed portrait sessions, there are times when I long to be a fly on the wall & photograph life as it unfolds.  The good, the bad, the ugly.  The clean, the messy, the funny, the sad … the moments that shape us into the people we are.  I want you to look back at your images & not just remember your wardrobe or the poses, but I want your photos to spark memories you shared with family, friends & loved ones.  This has led me to offering “a day in the life” sessions.  The purpose of these sessions is to spend up to 4 hours with you & your family documenting your day to day life.  These sessions are much more relaxed & intimate.  You may be spending a lazy morning snuggling with your little ones before making breakfast & then walking to the park.  Or you might be spending the day picnicking & exploring the zoo, followed by winding down at your favorite local coffee shop … I’ll basically be your paparazzi for the day.  I love finding beauty in ordinary, every day life.  My favorite memories aren’t the most extravagant, but they’re the quality moments being surrounded by love & the people I value most.

The Details

These adorable identical twins just turned 1!  And they also happen to be my nephews!  What better way to celebrate their first year than with some quality family time at home.  Our day began with Whit & Corwin waking up from their morning nap, snuggling some stuffed animals & enjoying some playtime in their adorable nursery.  Next, we got dressed & headed outside for some fresh fall air.  We crawled, we played musical instruments & some of us may have attempted to eat some leaves.  We finished up with lunch & one of our favorite books before our afternoon nap.

The Images

  1. Karen scalzi says:

    Amazing way to spend the day . Thank you for sharing.

  2. Dee Smith says:

    Beautiful photos capturing this family and how much joy these little boys bring in their life.

  3. Karen Taylor says:

    Love this new way of capturing everyday beauty and family time! Gorgeous shots of those snuggly little guys!

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