Romantic Outdoor Wedding | Coto De Caza | Rees & Kelly

July 31, 2017


The Details

Rees & Kelly’s story is so sweet.  The two met when Rees’ family moved onto Kelly’s street when they were in high school.  It wasn’t long before Kelly noticed Rees & while Rees thought Kelly was out of his league, he soon figured out that wasn’t the case.  He asked her out & the rest is history. 

  Their wedding day was full of happy families watching their children join their lives together.  Since the families live on the same street, they all know each other well & have history with one another.

The Location

The Coto de Caza ceremony backdrop is stunning.  The rolling hills, wispy trees & lush greenery provide countless layers of depth, colors & textures … everything a photographer dreams of.  

The Images

  1. Anya Kernes says:

    These are so beautiful, Tiffany! Stunning wedding!!

  2. Ryan says:

    beautiful wedding.

  3. Simon says:

    Very creative post.

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