Engagement Session | Vasquez Rocks

June 16, 2017


The Details

I have the greatest clients!  Today I’m incredibly grateful for adventurous couples who are willing to hike & climb … yes even in that amazing Show me your Mumu dress … for the shot.  If I could only give 1 tip to every bride, it is to find a photographer who you trust & connect with.  I’m a true believer that trust in any relationship is crucial.  As a bride, when you trust your photographer completely, it allows them to be inspired & fully immerse themself in the creative process.  Asking a photographer to “recreate” an image you’ve seen on Instagram or Pinterest is like asking a chef to take you to make you an Egg McMuffin a la McDonalds.  You’re asking someone with vision & passion to replicate something that will end up feeling stagnant & forced.  Rather than your session being a true creation of art, your photographer will be focused on a specific image & will be posing you in a way that will mimic the photo rather than positioning you in a way that will feel natural, beautiful, interactive & will capture true memories.  Ryan & Lindsay arrived at their session full of trust & ready for anything.  I am SO thrilled with how their session turned out.  And I guarantee that the images that will mean the most are the ones that both capture & produce feeling & emotion.

The Location

Vasquez Rocks never disappoints.  There are so many layers, textures & points of interest that create such depth in a photo.  I love the variety that can be found … the meandering paths that create a sense of adventure, the little alcoves that add a sense of intrigue, the strength of the vast rock formations as they contrast with the delicate greenery & soft light.

The Images

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About Tiffany

From the delicate details, to the fleeting moments, to the candid expressions, my number one priority as your wedding photographer is to create imagery that takes you right back to how you felt in that exact moment.

Through intentional composition, I strive to zero in on the moments you likely didn’t even notice. Memories are so much more than details … they’re feelings. With every click of my shutter, I want to bring your vision to life while allowing you to be deeply present.